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Retractile Cords

Retractable Cable Manufacturing, Design, Engineering, Prototypes, OEM Cable Manufacturing

Systems Wire and Cable is a cable and wire company which manufactures and supplies retractile cords in standard and custom configurations for a very large diversity of applications. As a retractile cord manufacturer and supplier located in the USA, we provide full in house services, from Retractile Cord Design and Engineering to Rapid Prototypes and high quality manufacturing services. We serve markets as diverse as medical, industrial, food manufacturing, military, defense, telecom, and computer industries with bulk cable and wire that meets and exceeds all applicable industry standards. In depth knowledge, decades of experience, excellent customer support and very competitive prices could make Systems Wire a reliable partner for years to come.

Retractile Cords Supplier - Standard and Custom Retractile Cords
Retractible Cord Design, Engineering, Prototypes and Manufacturing Services

Please contact us with your specific retractile cords requirements:

  • Standard Retractile Cords - We manufacture retractile cords with the widest  range of retracted lengths and  diameters.  from .50 inch to 5 inches.  Among the materials utilized are:  SVO and SJOW, PU, PTEE, TPR, and jackets such as PVC, PE, PP, TPE, Foam Polyolefin, Hytrel, and Nylon.
  • OEM Retractile Cords and custom retractile cords - Built to Specs OEM Cable for commercial, telecom, industrial and heavy duty markets
  • Medical Retractile Cords and medical cable and wire for medical  equipment and instrumentation. 
  • Industrial Retractile Cords for machinery and harsh environments
  • MIL Spec Retractile Cords - MIL Spec multi-conductor retractile cable, built-to-specs military cords 
  • Specialty Retractile Cords, Unique designs, Retractile Cord Prototypes, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Cable Coiling Services 
  • Standard and custom colors, labeling and packaging
  • Retractible cable / Retractable  cords manufacturing from low to large volume
  • Retractile Cord / Retractable  cable design to U.S. standards

Contact us today to discuss your retractile cord needs in any of the following categories: Power Retractile Cords, Medical Retractile Cords, Communications Retractile Cords, Electronics Retractile Cords, Miniature Retractile Cords, Test Lead Retractile Cords, Modular Flat Retractile Cords , Modular Shielded Retractile Cords, Military Retractile Cords and many others.


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