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Belden Cable & Wire Equivalents

Quality Manufacturing for Belden Equivalent Wire and Cable

Belden Cable Spools - Equivalents ManufacturingAs one of the largest U.S. based manufacturers of wire and cable for residential, industrial, entertainment and security markets, Belden wire and cable is referenced in numerous projects and RFQs. In our effort to best serve our customers and help them reduce costs, we manufacture a large variety of Belden Equivalent cable and wire types. When you are interested in cable and wire that strictly follows the Belden specs, but does not necessarily need to be Belden brand, you can achieve significant cost savings by purchasing our Belden cable equivalents. Belden Equals are equivalent to Belden in every aspect except for the price.

We supply Belden Cable & Wire equivalents produced under strict quality standards for extrusion, cabling, twisting, shielding and jacketing. We also offer custom cable and wire manufacturing for a large diversity of cabling and wiring products in terms of:

Construction: Single conductor, Multiconductor, Twisted pairs, Coaxial cable

Shielding: Unshielded, Serve/spiral shields, Braid shields, French braid shields, Foil shields, Combination shields

Conductor: Silver, Copper, Gold, Aluminum, Nickel, Steel

Wire Gage: Various sizes for each wire measured in units of American Wire Gage (AWG)

Insulation: Teflon, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVC, etc.

From our manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, California, we ship daily cable and wire manufactured for high performance and enhanced safety under various types of environments, including extreme environments.

If you are interested in a particular Belden Cable / Belden Wire part number, please contact us for a Quick Quote on our Belden Equals.

Our strengths:

     World Class Wire and Cable Manufacturing Capabilities
     Decades of Experience with many types of wires, jackets and shielding
     Large Diversity of Cabling and Wiring Products for Electronics, Communications, Industrial, Military, and Medical Markets, such as Multi-Conductor, Coaxial, etc.
     Strict Adherence to Standards, such as UL, CSA, AAMI, RoHS
     Quality Custom Cable Design, Cable Engineering and Rapid Prototypes
     Highly Customized Cable and Wire, Built to Specs, Specialty Cable and Wire
     Small Production Runs, and High Mixes, as well as Very Large Lots
     Excellent Customer Service, Quick Quotes, and Full Technical Support
     Dedicated Specialists ready to help you find the best solutions, within your budget
     Shipping daily from Stock in Large Quantities
     Samples and Test Data Available
     Our Products Meet and Exceed Specifications for Reliability, Performance and Safety
     Cable Assemblies and Molding Services Available through our Partners

Our combination of design engineering support, consistent and guaranteed quality, competitive price, and on-time delivery, makes us a very desirable partner for our customers. We are 100% customer oriented. We are fast and dependable! We offer more than built-to-spec wire and cable to fit your most stringent requirements. We also manufacture a broad diversity of Belden Wire and Cable Equivalents and Alpha wire equivalents at substantially lower prices. From our wire and cable manufacturing facility in California, USA, we supply cabling products worldwide. When you deal with us, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to help you succeed by enhancing your products overall reliability, performance and safety, while reducing your costs. With extensive knowledge and experience, our engineers are always ready to present you with alternatives in terms of design, materials, components, as well as manufacturing processes.

Contact us Today to discuss your Belden bulk cable and wire needs. Our unparalleled services will make your experience with us as memorable as the quality and price of our products.


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