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Low Triboelectric Noise Medical Cable
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Innovative and Cost-Effective Bulk Cable and Wire Solutions

Our Wire & Cable Manufacturing Equipment

Over 20,000 square feet
of cable & wire manufacturing capacity in our Los Angeles facility

Systems Wire & Cable is a recognized leader in custom wire and cable development, design, and manufacturing. Our large production capacity and modern equipment gives us a versatility that is unsurpassed. To position ourselves for the future, we continuously make significant technology investments, keep pace with industry standards and acquire the most advanced manufacturing equipment. In addition, our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing staff is fully committed to a zero-defect quality program and an unparalleled culture of customer service.

We provide innovative custom solutions for your specialty wire and cable requirements. Not only that our products are manufactured to the most stringent UL and CSA requirements, but we have the ability to produce economically proto lots of custom cable in 1000 ft. lengths and do not require minimum runs of 10,000 or 15,000 ft. in order to serve you.

Systems Wire & Cable is a large provider to the Medical Equipment Industry and is one of the very few qualified manufacturers to produce low Triboelectric Noise cables and lead wires that are certified to AAMI standards. We also offer a complete line of Computer and Control Cable, Video and Power Cable, Low Voltage and Low Capacitance Cable, Coax Cable, as well as Alpha and Belden wire & cable equivalents. Please call on us for any of the following:

 Computer Cable & Wire, Multi-Conductor Cable, Twisted Pair, Shielded, Unshielded, Flat Cable
 Control Cable & Wire
 Medical Wire & Cable,
Low Triboelectric Noise Cable, etc.
 Video Cable
 Power Cable
 Low Voltage & Low Capacitance Cable
 Military Wire and Cable: MIL Spec RF Cable, Multi Pair Audio, etc.

 Fire Alarm Cable
 Signal Cable
 Coaxial Cable & Wire, RG6, RG59, etc.
 Communication Cable
 Nuclear Reactor Cable
 Traffic Loop Cable
 Alpha and Belden Cable & Wire Equivalents

Cable & Wire Manufacturing Process
Custom made cable and private-label options are our specialty. As a direct result of utilizing the highest quality materials, manufacturing methods, QA protocols, and testing methods, our bulk wire and cable is of extremely high reliability. Please ask us about military and specialty wire such as MIL-spec multi-conductor cable and nuclear reactor / nuclear plant cable, coaxial cable with polyethylene and Teflon dielectric, rubber insulated power and control cable, special purpose cable, electrical (multi-pair) for audio frequency, special purpose electrical wire with silicone rubber - water blocked, heavy duty electrical wire - low tension, as well as multiconductor / multi-conductor shielded and unshielded cable. We maintain an exclusive inventory of electronic and electrical wire and cable and can ship from stock immediately. We also provide a wide range of value-added services such as: Private Labeling, Custom Jacketing and Re-jacketing of Existing Cable, Braiding and Spiral copper shielding, Composite construction with customer supplied components, Extrusion, Twisting, Cabling, Re-spooling, Custom Marking & Printing, Dyeing, Color Coding and Number Coding, as well as custom packaging to your precise requirements. Through our partner network, we can also support our customers with cable assembly design, manufacturing, and over-molding services, from the prototyping phase to the widest range of manufacturing runs.

Systems Wire & Cable is a company founded on the principle of hard work, honesty, integrity, dedication and strong relationships. Our spirit is The Spirit of Service. Our goal is to earn our customers trust and keep it for years to come.


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